Leverage Dance Theater

About Leverage


PentimentoAnimLeverage Dance Theater’s mission is to support contemporary dance making, the development of 21st century dance educators and innovative community programming through a commitment to collaborative processes and continuing education for artists. Leverage uses dance and creative movement in non-traditional environments to engage new audiences and generate a social discourse to fuel artistic work. By developing artist educators, outreach programs, and performances, Leverage seeks to bring the social, physical, and cognitive benefits of creative movement and dance to a diverse and growing audience.



In 1988, Atrek began as the performing duo of dancers/choreographers Angela Culbertson and Terry Pexton. Born with an uncanny willingness to risk, Artistic Director Angela Culbertson guided the company from its inception until the spring of 2003. Met with nonstop critical acclaim, aTrek struck a chord in and beyond the heartland of America. The company’s offerings have stretched from its beginnings in Saint Louis, Missouri to regional and national touring with performances in such diverse locations as New York, California, Maine, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Tennessee, and Peru. In 2003, Atrek Dance Company evolved into a collaborative group of artists. The Dance Collective presents works choreographed local artists and guest artists specially selected by the collective to represent the collective artistic vision. In 2012, Atrek Dance Collective was restructured and rebranded as Leverage Dance Theater.



A Modern Dance Collective in Saint Louis, Missouri.