Leverage Dance Theater

LVDT performs at Habdash Returns Thurs 12.16

HABDASH RETURNS, presented by St Lou Fringe

Thursday Dec 19, 2013  7:00pm @ Barnett on Washington


first time, one-of-a-kind, one night only, collaborative
show full of original dance and music performances.


Habdash 2

The evening included:

  • improvisational scores
  • roving performances by the dancers
  • audience participation
  • site-specific dance
  • musicians and dancers working together to create original improvisational work

Habdash 3
The audience enjoyed the groovy tunes of Brothers Lazaroff during and in between dance sets, which seamlessly moved between Bros Laz Jazz, Americana Rock, and synthetic improvisation.

Audience members of all ages joined the dancing!

Audience members called the evening memorable due to the highly integrated performance between Leverage and Bros Laz, and the magic of improvisation.

Both Leverage and Bros Laz look forward to future collaborations.

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