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Reviews: New Dance Horizons

Alive Magazine:

Dance St. Louis And ‘Dance Horizons II’ Shine At Touhill

By: Christopher Reilly 

“The exceptionalism was evident at the onset as Leverage Dance Theater opened with “Encounters With the Intimate,” choreographed by Nejla Yatkin. As the piece moved toward its conclusion, a sharp light cut through the pitch to illuminate an intimate portion of the stage. Read more…


St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Dance Showcase Has a Successful Sequel

By: Calvin Wilson

Put four notable choreographers together with four local dance companies, then watch what happens. That was the idea behind last year’s “New Dance Horizons.” And it still works.  On Saturday evening at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center, more than 700 people turned out for the last of three performances of “New Dance Horizons II.”

Read more…



The Current:

New Dance Horizons at Touhill lets local troupes shine

By: Cate Marquis

giant white dress, falling snow, a body washed up on shore and the tragic story of Henrietta Lacks were among the diverse elements of “PNC New Dance Horizons II” on October 4 at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center at University of Missouri-St. Louis. Read more…


Lucie’s Reviews and Articles:

New Dance Horizons II Review

By: Lucie Moorman

Ah, another season of dance has begun brought to us by Dance St. Louis. Sometimes we forget how much talent we have in our own back yard. This performance gave the opportunity for four St. Louis companies to shine. Add to that four guest choreographers taking each company in hand (and foot) to create some innovative numbers. Read more…

Bodies Never Lie:

New Dance Horizons Review: Then and Now

By: Jessica Rulhin

It has been almost a month since St. Louis saw the return of the New Dance Horizons Showcase at the Touhill Performing Arts Center. The program from the Friday night opening on October 5th has been gathering dust on my desk while flashbulb memories of beautiful choreography and stunning execution linger on in the mind, strangely clear and permanent. A good dance performance will give you that. Read more…


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