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Nine/Sketch returns for St. Lou Fringe


Leverage is thrilled to be reviving the production Nine/Sketch with Slightly Askew Theater Ensemble (SATE) for Fringe 2014.

Looking for information about UNHINGED, our full-length Fringe show performing Sat at 9:30 and Sunday at 6:30? Click here.

NINE/SKETCH premiered August 2013.

The Ladue News praised Nine/Sketch as “an intriguing study … [instilled] with a taut, suspenseful aura that defines the presentation with a thick cloud of tension.”

KDHX called the performances “raw and powerful … presenting bold theatre that challenges the audience and artfully broaching subjects that are painful and disconcerting to consider.”

Jessica Ruhlin writes of the dancers’ “fluidity, precision, and grace” in her sneak peek from August 2013.

SKETCH: a series of duets exploring fragmentation, time-lapse, and intimacy created by Hannah Fischer. Sketch was commissioned and created specifically for Nine, a play by Jane Shepard.

NINE: Two women held in a life-threatening situation and the mind games they play to keep one another alive. Held in a room and chained apart, their only currency is words, and balance of power is everything when a single word becomes the hanging point between life and death.


There are four chances to catch this show again, thanks to St. Lou Fringe.

Satori, 3003 Locust

Thursday 19 June   7:30 PM
Friday 20 June   9:00 PM
Saturday 21 June  4:00 PM
Sunday 22 June   4:00 PM

SUPER SUPER Important Ticketing Notes:

There will be NO TICKET SALES AT THE VENUE. Online ticketing has expired. Tickets may now be purchased at the box office at Fringe Central Station (at the intersection of Washington Blvd & Grand Blvd.)

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO LATE SEATING, not even 30 seconds. This is a festival policy and it is non-negotiable. Please arrive early to find parking and the box office.

Both a badge and a ticket are required to enter any show at the Festival.

The BADGE is a one-time purchase at a nominal cost and is required for entry into festival events, including performances.  Very simply, it’s like the State Fair: A small entry cost gets you in, then you get to pick your rides and get those tickets individually.


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