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Dance in Times of Quarantine

Leverage Dance Theater’s first exploration into art making in quarantine

You would think that while we are all quarantined far away from each other, that a dance company would close its doors, turn off it lights, and wait for it to be safe to gather in groups again.

You would think this because the reason many of us dance is specifically to occupy space with others. in fact, we spend a lot of time developing the capacity to be engage in the exact practices this quarantine requires we refrain from.

We are not, however, going to hibernate, as tempting as it is. In some ways this in an extraordinary opportunity for us, especially for a company like Leverage whose mission includes pushing the boundaries of the way that dance is made and presented in order to ensure the evolution of the art form and to meet the evolving needs of our communities and audiences.

We can not be grateful enough to our donors and funders for continuing to support us in this time when we may not be able to produce public work. Though we are not promising that.

We are presently using this time to meet the needs of our artists, many of whom are out of work, or struggling to reinvent their teaching online.

We are also challenging our artists to use this time to experiment boldly. To reach deep into our creative wells and innovate as well as to consider how we can use our unique skills to serve as people around the world are alone, isolated, scared, anxious, stuck, overwhelmed…

We can not wait to share what we uncover and discover during this unique worldwide experience.



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All donations are tax-deductible and will help us to:

  • Build a new kid friendly winter concert program through our residency at Intersect Arts Center
  • Increase pay for dancers, so they can dedicate themselves more fully to their craft, ensuring Leverage continues to have access to professional artists, and is able to improve the quality of our work
  • Help provide funding for a new full-length concert on Cherokee Street 
  •  Provide more guest artist opportunities supporting local talent

When you donate to a small company like Leverage, contributions big or small make a difference!  We thank you for your consideration this giving season! 


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