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SeenUnseen - Birds

” Seen UnSeen blew me Preview SeenUnseen -  Saturday Birds - 33away, a spectacular and unique blend of art, performance art, theater, music and dance. “

– T. Heilman, photographer

Seen UnSeen 2013 began at the Craft Alliance Gallery with dancers moving through the Flock installation of 1,000 ceramic birds by Ann Coddington Rast.

The backdrop of the “Dancing to Music” was the Metrpolitan Building viewed from across Grand Blvd.

” I loved the mix of genres. Audience members get to see one of my favorite neighborhoods with fresh eyes. “

– T. Martin, St. Louis Shakespeare Festival

“Through the Looking Glass” was viewed though the storefront windows of the Metropolitan Artist Lofts.

” Seen UnSeen is an incredible production. I was totally overwhelmed. Layer upon layer of beautifully executed concept. As an audience member I was at once an observer and the observed. Thank you. “

– E. Schwetye, Slightly Askew Theater Ensemble

The Metropolitan Building’s empty retail space was converted into an intimate but uniquely raw performance venue.

SeenUnseen_Saturday_0200“Above the Floodline” moved audiences through visual and performance art installations lining the walls and old elevator shaft of the Centene Center for Arts & Education, concluding on the top floor of the building with a visually stunning set made of sheer white fabric and a free standing structure, the dancers corseted to each other with more fabric.

SeenUnseen_OpeningNight_0255 660PXW

The show’s finale “Hold On” invited audiences to move around the room and view the performance from any angle at any time.


SeenUnseen_Saturday_0364 small

A Modern Dance Collective in Saint Louis, Missouri.