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On the ‘Fringe’ with the Beacon

By Nancy Fowler, Beacon arts reporter

3:45 pm on Thu, 06.21.12

Updated Fri, 06.22.12: 10:15 p.m. Friday. ‘Brave Women’ and couples in cars

Who are the “Brave Women” in aTrek Dance Collective’s comedic performance by that name at the St. Lou Fringe? Turns out they’re just ordinary women, living their lives. Also turns out that comedic dance is an effective way to bring them to life as loveable, flawed figures.

As they saunter onto the Fubar stage, a six-pack of sullen, yawning, texting young women in short skirts, they, one by one, begin applying mascara, lipstick, toenail polish and earrings, scowling at their reflections.

One emerges to talk about body hair.

“When I was 11, I started growing a mustache; it was the same year I started my period,” she says. “It was a great year.”

Sarcasm gives way to dance moves during various scenes involving waiting rooms and kitchens, with music ranging from Brittany Spears to techno to Spanish guitar. More soliloquies break up the numbers including one about Spanx, the new corset, essentially a “sausage casing.”

The final number has the women exercising until they drop, only to obsess over tummy bulges,receding gums and drooping derrieres before one finally asks, “Anybody want Ted Drewes?” It kind of feels like being a fly on the wall at a girls’ weekend but a whole lot snappier and probably just as much fun.

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